Professional Tips on Bridal Make Up

Every girl wants to look like a beautiful princess on her wedding day. In this article I share the bridal makeup in the Malaysian scene. Due to our humid weather, applying bridal makeup in Malaysia requires careful planning. You want to look beautiful and charming and look at yourself at the same time. We all know how to completely change someone’s look and personality when makeup is inappropriate.

In Malaysia, you can choose from different types of bridal makeup, including airbrush makeup. By hiring a makeup artist who is familiar with Airbrushing, you can get a flawless complexion. If you are not familiar with Airbrush makeup, it is a lightweight makeup that is applied by an air gun machine, which produces a thin and even layer of makeup and creates a very matte effect. Once the makeup is airbrushed, it is not easy to transfer, keeping the original skin tone for several hours.

Another popular bridal makeup in Malaysia is using mineral based makeup. It is very suitable for all skin types and is easy to apply. The downside to using mineral makeup is that when you’re wearing a photo, the light from the camera and any ambient light reflects these minerals, making your face look whiter and more unnatural than other parts of your body. While it is an excellent choice for everyday makeup, mineral makeup is not the best choice for Malaysian bridal makeup.

Any good and professional makeup artist will guide you to prepare makeup for the wedding day. Always follow the theme of the wedding and don’t use contrasting colors as it will look clunky. Make-up does not have to match your clothes, but when using bridal make-up at least follow the color code.

Finally, reflect your personality. On the wedding day, you have to look special and elegant, but it’s no different. If you’re romantic inside, you can wear purple or plum. If you have a cheerful and interesting personality, wear pink and peach colors. The worst that can happen is that your guests don’t recognize who you are on the wedding day. Don’t forget to have fun and apply these techniques to future weddings.

How to Find a Good Bridal Make Up Artist for Your Wedding Day?

When you search the web, here are 4 easy tips to help you find the right bridal makeup artist.

1. Understand that your own beauty is unique and really different from others.

Maybe your friend or forum will tell you the best MUA shortlist, but he/she might not be right for you, try to open your mind and find other people shortlisted. Otherwise, you are allowed to copy your friend’s style.

2. Set your own expectations for the wedding day look.

You should think about what image you want your guess to see on your wedding day. One looks very different from the normal you, or you look just as close to you as usual.

3. Realize that simple and clean bridal looks last longer than popular looks.

For most brides, their first impression is that they want to try model looks that they will worry less about in a few years. When she opens the wedding photo album, she feels it looks totally out of place, which all brides should avoid.

4. Looking for a professional bridal makeup artist, make sure you come on time, have a good personality, and have the above ideas.

It is not difficult to see on the internet that the portfolio of some MUAs is very good, but their attitude is hard to compromise. Some people will create unpleasant moments for the bride because they insist on their own ideas to make makeup and hairstyles. to do. It is highly recommended that you, the bride, understand your wishes, find and communicate with a bridal makeup artist who is right for you, rather than relying solely on the “manual recommendation list”.

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