Bridal Make-Up Tips to Be a Beautiful Bride

You have skirts, shoes and accessories, after all you arrange the bridesmaids and flowers, even the groom is very happy. Now all you have to do is think about your makeup. Your everyday makeup is the finishing touch that makes you a beautiful bride. It should be enhanced instead of hidden, and it makes you glow and shine instead of glow. So whether you seek help from a professional or friend, or do it yourself, here are some tips to keep you looking flawless.

Practice round

Whether you plan to use your own cosmetics or hire someone, you should try it once or twice to make sure you’re completely happy with the look. If you use professionals, they should be happy to work with you to create the look you want until you are satisfied. Have some ideas, but also listen to what they have to say as they will have many good suggestions and ideas of their own.

Choose shade

Like clothes, certain colors and shades of cosmetics are more suitable for you than others. Free colors, rather than colors that contrast with yours, will be more appropriate on your wedding day. It is best to avoid the high fashion look as you may regret the look in the photo. Depending on the combination of your skin tone, hair and eye color, certain cosmetic shades will suit you better than others.


If you have naturally light blond hair, pale skin, and light eyes, you fall into the light color category. Choose lighter and lighter shades on your eyes and lips, such as Melon and Lilac eyeshadows and Pink Shell gloss opaque natural lip liner.


Unlike light, you have dark brown to black hair, black eyes, and white to black skin. Keep the depth and richness that match your color. Dark accents on the eyes, such as mocha or steel, look great. Try applying a lip liner like Russet to your lips and use a gloss like Sangria or Kazzbar.


Your hair will get a beautiful red or chestnut brown, but also a warm complexion (often with freckles) and green or brown eyes. Apply golden whisper and laurel on the eyes and pure copper or pure nutmeg on the lips to enhance your natural tone.


Your gray or white hair will contrast with warm colors, so you should avoid warm colors. Name opal or lagoon on your eyes. Apply Sheer Silk over Posie lip liner to your Posie lip pencil to keep your cool-looking lips.


Your complexion contrasts sharply with dark hair, with bright, jewel-like green or blue eyes. Use contrasting colors and try a cyan eyeliner with mint and smoky eyeshadows and mango lipgloss.


Your hair is dark blond to brown, with warm or cool skin tones and eyes of every color. Neutral and natural are best for you, so try apricot and white wax eyeshadow with coffee eyeliner and natural lipliner with transparent nude lipstick.


Makeup is a bit like decorating a room: many things are in preparation. In the weeks and months leading up to the wedding, create a skincare plan to ensure you have the best working foundation. This includes:

Give yourself one or two facials (just make sure your last one is a week before the big day so your skin has plenty of time to settle down).
Cleanse and moisturize morning and night – no excuses.
Invest in day creams, night creams and eye creams. Accordingly, alternating day creams and night creams are more beneficial to your skin than using the same thing every day. The soft skin around the eyes will thank you for your investment in eye cream.
Use an exfoliating facial cleanser 2-3 times a week to help rejuvenate your skin.
Finally, drinking plenty of water can keep your skin looking hydrated and translucent.

That day, thoroughly cleanse your face with a gentle exfoliating facial cleanser, removing any dead skin cells and making your skin truly glow. Then apply a good moisturizer (a little more than usual) and give it enough time to soak in, I’m talking about an hour here, not 10 minutes. If you hire professionals, they will take over here. If you’re applying it yourself, allow plenty of time and sit in good natural light, then start:

Start with foundation/tinted moisturizer and apply lightly with your fingertips, preferably in a fine layer, not a thick layer

Apply concealer as needed and gently pat under eyes

Press loose powder onto your t-zone to prevent shine from soaking through, then brush off excess

Next are the eyes. Use eyeliner to apply lightly for a softer look. Brush the base color on the entire eye socket and use the accent color on the outer corner, paying attention to mixing with the base color

While using the brush, make zigzag movements to complete the eyes with a good coat of mascara. This will help separate the lashes and get an even coverage

Apply lip base (Colour Me Beautiful is great, it can really make your lip color last longer), then apply lip pencil all over your lips. Apply gloss or lipstick at the end

Finally, gently apply a layer of blush powder, apply gently and increase the color.
are you ready!


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